Day Cyberwox
🌩 Cloudy With A Chance of Security

🌩 Cloudy With A Chance of Security


Hey there! I’m Day, 20 yr old Security Engineer and College Junior with a passion for Cybersecurity. My passion has evolved from my childhood days of consistent curiosity and understanding the intricacies of how things work.

As a high school senior, I was involved in a Cybersecurity Club and although my participation was short-lived, I’ve continued to pursue my passion for Cybersecurity through self-studying, side projects, college courses, industry certifications, and work experience.

I started my career interning as a Security Analyst at an Insurance Brokerage firm and have since worked in multiple security positions including one as a Threat Analyst II at a Leading Security Solutions Integrator and most recently working on Cloud Threat Detection, Engineering & Research at Datadog. I’ve continuously dedicated myself to constant self-improvement and helping others learn through my knowledge and experiences.